Why Volunteer?

Volunteering to give back to the community is not only inspiring but is rewarding. This is an opportunity to shape the future generation in a profound way. Albeit  challenging, being a volunteer is uplifting, energizing, and impactful. It provides an excellent opportunity for professional development and a chance to hone your presentation skills together with leadership capabilities in a low-pressure environment. Did we mention that volunteerism can be an important addition to your CV and is a key factor when applying to most graduate schools and MBA programmes? 

Who Can Volunteer?

Are you a business professional with more than two years work experience? You are welcome to volunteer for our Middle School Programmes! More than three years experience? You are welcome to volunteer in our High School programmes! More than five years experience? Then you are prepared to volunteer at University-level programmes!

When and Where Can You Volunteer?

Once you decide which program you’re interested in volunteering for, contact us at info@injaz-oman.org with the volunteer application form filled out, and a member of our team will get back to you to schedule a training session, allot you classes and location. All you have to do is show up on time.
For the terms of volunteering, please download the file here
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