66 student companies showcase their innovative products at Injaz Oman’s Exhibition for student companies at Oman Avenues Mall

4th June 2018, Muscat

Injaz Oman concluded its second exhibition recently at Oman Avenues Mall for two consecutive days with the participation of 66 student companies out of 93 student companies participating in the student company program for 2018. The exhibition witnessed a high demand and a high level of appreciation from the audience for the participation of the participating companies of ideas and innovative products. The exhibition was attended by His Excellency the Minister of Commerce and Industry, a number of executive heads and members of the Board of Directors, as well as a number of business owners and influencers in entrepreneurship and Innovation


The program aims to provide a unique learning process for undergraduate students that will help them establish and manage leading companies, explore their potential ambitions and opportunities in the labor market, enrich their academic performance, support their positive behavior and gain access to the entrepreneurial world. By supporting and supervising business, entrepreneurial and volunteer advisors, volunteers and their time and effort to guide and train students, the company’s program provides students with opportunities to establish, organize and manage their own companies. Thus motivating students of all academic backgrounds to enter the leading business world.


“For the seventh year in a row, we are impressed by the creativity and ambitions of our young people, which are reflected in the company’s program exhibitions,” said Khaula Bint Hamoud Al Harthy, Executive Director of Injaz Oman. “Through these exhibitions we aim to create an environment that enables our students to interact directly with prospective customers or even investors to take advantage of their valuable experiences and advice and to bring their projects and creative ideas to light “


“Despite the tension and anxiety that preceded the exhibition, the promising results and the positive impressions of the visitors have compensated for all the late nights and tireness,” said Khalil Saleh Al-Abri one of the participants in the company’s program for this year’s edition. He added: “We worked hard and with the help of Allah and support of Injaz Oman, the exhibition was successful by all standards and we benefited of the public’s advice to develop our ideas “.


The program and competition of the company in its seventh edition of 2018 has created two additional fields for the companies participating in the program, where the fields of tourism and energy have been developed as an addition to the environment, industry and services in the past version. The participating companies in the field of tourism aim to highlight the Omani tourist attractions and facilitate the process of identifying the Sultanate through the use of innovative technical resources. Companies in the field of energy have also focused on exploiting environmental resources to produce energy and exploit wasted resources in electricity production.


The first exhibition was held on 18 and 19 May at the Shangri-La Bar Al Jissah Hotel, which was attended by 48 student companies participating in the company’s program, which witnessed a great presence and was very much appreciated by the participating companies of the products New and innovative.