INJAZ Oman Collaborates with Google to Launch “Maharat min Google” Program

16th January 2019, Muscat

INJAZ Oman has recently announced its collaboration with Google to launch “Maharat min Google” program in Oman. “Maharat min Google” is a skills-building program in Arabic that aims to help young people enrich their skills, develop careers, and launch their own projects. The program will be implemented through the online platform of “Maharat min Google” and workshops provided by the qualified and trained team from INJAZ Oman.

The online platform “Maharat min Google” has 100 lessons across 26 core topics in digital marketing that include search engine marketing, social media, video, e-Commerce, geo-targeting, and data analytics among others. By the end of the course, a certificate from Google will be provided to the participants. The program provided by INJAZ Oman in 2019 includes courses that aim to train students from 50 schools from all governorates of the Sultanate. The program is planned to provide 60 workshops by 10 trained volunteers.

Khaula Bint Hamoud Al Harthy, Executive Director of INJAZ Oman, expressed her pleasure in collaborating with Google and launching “Maharat min Google” to develop Omani youth skills. She said: “ ‘Maharat min Google’ program comes to complete INJAZ Oman’s progress in enhancing Omani youth skills. It makes Omani youth more knowledgeable about the future professional skills, ultimately creating a successful future market for Oman. Collaborating with a global organization like Google means delivering world-class lessons for our students that are needed in the labor market.”


According to the World Economic Forum, 1 in 5 jobs in the Arab world will require digital skills that are not widely available today such as problem solving, emotional intelligence, creativity and initiative, analytical thinking and innovation, technological design and programming. The jobs that will have higher demand by 2020 include: sales and marketing specialists, data specialists, digital transformation specialists, IT services, and other related functions. The partnership between INJAZ Oman and Google through “Maharat min Google” program comes to train and prepare youth for future opportunities.



About INJAZ Oman:

INJAZ Oman is part of the Junior Achievements Worldwide, the world’s largest non-profit organization, which was founded in 1919. Today Junior Achievements Worldwide works in over 124 countries and actively engages over 10 million young people. The organization is supported by the private sector and collaborates with schools, universities, and training centers to target people aged between 11 and 25. INJAZ Oman is also a member of INJAZ Al-Arab, the regional office of Junior Achievement Worldwide, which was launched in the Arab world in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 2004. 

INJAZ Oman was founded in the Sultanate in 2006. The organization provides programs that not only contribute to the development of young people skills, but they also empower and enhance their innovative and leadership abilities. Moreover, these programs qualify young people to enter the labor market and begin their careers with confidence. As the students discover their potential skills with INJAZ Oman through a number of specialized courses run by a group of private sector pioneers, these pioneers offer the essence of their practical and scientific experience and the secrets of their success. In these courses, young people acquire many skills that enhance them greatly to enter the business market deservedly and provide them with market and competitive qualifications.

INJAZ Al Arab – The MENA regional operating center of Junior Achievement Worldwide – hosted over 400 people including senior government officials, ambassadors and esteemed public figures at the awards ceremony. This year’s competition was a culmination or 19 teams from Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Algeria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt Tunisia, Palestine, Qatar, Yemen and Palestine.

Stealing the lime-light were Mahya from Oman winning ‘The Soray Salti Company of the Year’ award for the University track and Forsa from Palestine for the High School track; Al Fazza from Bahrain winning ‘Product of the Year” for the university track and Small Brains from Morocco for High School track; Hive from Lebanon winning ‘Social Impact of the Year’ award for the university track and Seuse from Kuwait for the High School track. ‘Citi Client Focus Award’ by Forsa from INJAZ Palestine and Balda Tayba INJAZ Yemen, the ‘FedEx Access Award’ by Small Brains from INJAZ Morocco, ‘MBC Al Amal Pitch of the Year’ by Small Brains from INJAZ Palestine and Point from INJAZ Saudi Arabia , ‘Boeing Business Challenge’ by Al Fazza from INJAZ Bahrain and ‘MetLife Innovation Award’ by Mahya from INJAZ Oman and Small Brains from INJAZ Morocco, “Investcorp Value Creation Award” by Point from INJAZ Saudi Arabia, “Mastercard Excellence in Technology Award” by Learn and Play from INJAZ Tunisia and Small Brains from INJAZ Morocco.

Akef Aqrabawi, CEO, INJAZ Al Arab, said: “The Middle East is home to a pool of motivated entrepreneurial talent who are striving to be the leaders of tomorrow. Our annual competition provides a platform to aspirational young Arabs to instill essential business & leadership skills and celebrate innovation & creativity. I’m extremely proud of our students, volunteers and partners who have brought to life yet another successful competition and look forward to our continued journey to create a generation of empowered, inspired individuals who contribute to the economic development of their countries.”

The 13th regional competition is organized in strategic partnership with Al Zubair Group, and with in-kind support from Ooredoo. The event is regionally supported by strategic partners including Citi Foundation, FedEx, Boeing, Mastercard, MBC, MetLife, Investcorp and in a strategic Media partnership with Hill + Knowlton Strategies.

In addition to the three main awards, students also competed over the ‘Citi Foundation Client Focus Award, ‘FedEx Access Award’, ‘Boeing Business Challenge’, ‘MBC Al Amal Pitch of the Year’, ‘MetLife Innovation Award’, ‘Mastercard Excellence in Technology’ Award and ‘Investcorp Value Creation’ Award.

The Judging panel hosts representatives from Mastercard, ExxonMobil, Expertise France, H+K Stratggies, Kijamii, Investcorp, MBC Group, MetLife, FedEx, Citi Foundation, Boeing, McKinsey and Ithmar Invest PSC.

Named one of the top 100 Nongovernmental organizations (NGO) in the world by NGO Advisor, INJAZ Al-Arab has influenced the lives of over 3.5 million students since 2004.The annual Young Arab Entrepreneurs Competition was introduced in 2007, the INJAZ AL-Arab competition aims to nurture the entrepreneurial skills of the Arab youth and help create future job opportunities.

The annual competition follows the completion of individual country rounds and closes six months of training in work readiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurship based on INJAZ Al-Arab’s internationally acclaimed Company Program©.