INJAZ Oman Launches 12 Educational Programs for the Academic Year 2018-2019

1st October 2018, Muscat

INJAZ Oman has launched 12 educational programs for the academic year 2018-2019, including 6 new programs that will be launched for the first time this year starting from September 2018. The educational programs target students from schools, universities, and colleges from all the governorates of the Sultanate in order to help youth develop skills and to prepare them to enter the labor market with confidence. “Maharat Min Google” is a new program that has been launched in collaboration with Google, in addition to other new programs: “Our Family”, “Our Nation”, “Ourselves”, “Entrepreneurship Master Class”, and “Personal Economy”. INJAZ Oman continues to launch the new versions of the previous academic year programs: “More than Money”, “Steer Your Career”, “Student Company Program and Competition” (Universities and Colleges), “Student Company Program and Competition” (Schools), “Innovation Camp” (Universities and Colleges), and “Innovation Camp” (Schools).


Khaula Bint Hamoud Al Harthy, Executive Director of INJAZ Oman said: “We are delighted to launch the programs for the academic year 2018-2019. We are also excited to discover a new generation of young Omani talents and the potentials of all age groups, especially with the launching of the 6 new programs for the first time this year.”


INJAZ Oman provides essential programs that not only contribute to the development of young people skills, but they also empower and enhance their financial knowledge, innovative, and leadership abilities. The programs: “Our Family”, “Our Nation”, “Ourselves”, “More than Money”, “Entrepreneurship Master Class”, and “Personal Economy” target the age group of 11-15 year olds. In these courses, young people acquire many skills that enhance them greatly in creative thinking and becoming knowledgeable about the future professional skills, ultimately creating a successful future market for Oman.


“Maharat Min Google”, ” Steer Your Career”, “Student Company Program”, and “Innovation Camp” target the students from schools, universities, and colleges from all governorates of the Sultanate within the age group of 16-24 year olds. The programs seek to reduce the gap between academic knowledge and the labor market and enable the youth to enter the labor market with success. They also offer a learning experience that enables and enhances many skills, which complement and enrich the students’ performance in their academic education.

INJAZ Oman programs qualify young people to enter the labor market and to begin their careers with confidence. As the students discover, with INJAZ, their potential skills through a number of specialized courses run by a group of private sector volunteers, these volunteers offer the essence of their practical and scientific experience and the secrets of their success.

INJAZ Oman is part of the Junior Achievements Worldwide non-profit organization, which was launched in the Sultanate in 2006. It aims to provide essential programs that empower young people and develop their skills to prepare them for successful entry into the labor market.