Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs and INJAZ Oman Discuss Ways to Support Student Companies

24th May 2016, Muscat

In the presence of HE Mohammed Bin Salim Al Tubi, INJAZ Oman and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA) recently delivered a proactive platform to engage student companies and discuss the enhancement of their environmental projects. The interactive session was further graced by Khaula Al Harthi, Executive Director of INJAZ Oman, and Dr Yassin Sharabi, Director of Environmental Studies and Research at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), who confirmed SQU’s readiness to assist students’ endeavours in the measurement of products and research relating to conservation.

During the meeting, students showcased the formation and tactical development of their six companies; Eureka, Technophyll, Fanar, Impact, Revive and Econas. They discussed the challenges faced and various means of enhancing their work, in addition to their strategic planning and progress. During the meeting, participants discussed the need to establish intellectual property rights on original contributory ideas in each company’s projects, as well as different approaches to drive of products and services.

Khaula Al Harthy stated, “At INJAZ Oman we deliver platforms to support students in our developmental initiaitves, such as the Company Programme; all of which are centred on delivering the knowledge and technical skills required to succeed with start-up projects. Our recent meeting was one of those platforms, and the presence of the Minister of Environment and Climate Affairs demonstrates the ministry’s commitment to support students. We are confident that the value of our discussion has contributed to the furtherance of students’ hard work and flare for important projects.”

Toward the end of the meeting, the students in attendance highlighted the importance of strategic partnerships with stakeholders such as MECA in order to understand the various aspects that impact their work and contribution to the environment.

The student companies participating in the meeting were born of INJAZ Oman’s Company Programme, which targets higher education students across the Sultanate. The initiative seeks to direct, inspire and nurture those with entrepreneurial interests, taking them through the various stages of starting a company, such as launching products, or establishing a brand in the local market.