Ourselves Program

Program Implementation

Classroom Based

Age Range


Grade Level

primary school


little knowledge

Financial Literacy

High knowledge

Work Readiness

little knowledge

About Program

“Ourselves” program introduces students to the intersection of financial literacy. The program provides students with a fundamental introduction to personal economics and the choices consumers make to meet their needs and wants. The program also introduces students to the role of money in society while providing them with practical information about earning, saving, and sharing money.Ourselves is a series of five activities recommended for students. The average time for each activity is 30 minutes


Program Concepts

Buying, choices, costs, earning, giving, goals, goods and services, interests, money, needs and wants, saving, society, spending, values

Program Skills

Counting, decision making, drawing conclusions, following directions, graphing and graph interpretation, listening, matching and classifying, predicting, problem solving, reading and writing, self-assessment, sequencing, teamwork, verbal communication, vocabulary building

Program Sessions

Students practice economics by making personal choices.

Students begin to understand that people have basic needs and wants, and that money-smart people know the difference between them.

Storybook characters help students learn about ways to earn money.

Students learn the importance of saving and having a savings goal.

Through storybook characters, students learn about earning money to help others in their community.