Students Showcase the Growing Diversity and Modernisation of Omani Entrepreneurism

21st June 2016, Muscat

Demonstrating the growing diversity and modernization of entrepreneurism in Oman, 60 student companies vied for victory at INJAZ Oman’s highly anticipated fourth annual exhibition of its Student Company Programme. Displaying and demonstrating their budding talent, the youth’s exciting endeavors thrilled a national audience with a delivery of innovation that captivated visitors from all segments of society and industry.

Amongst the exhibition’s gamut of originality, ‘Third Sixty’ from Sultan Qaboos University delivered a concept capable of prompting a shift in the global construction industry, realizing a 3D printer that takes just 30 days to build a house. Other ingenuous contributions demonstrated the comprehensive creativity of each company’s production, concept and gadgetry. Representing the Higher College of Technology, Nameer’s invention filters water using locally sourced natural resources; whilst Al Baleel from College of Applied Sciences showcased an air conditioner that uses pottery piping to reduce energy consumption.

“The interaction of our visitors spoke volumes, their engagement of the students and the ideas on show was a well deserved testament to the rising and diverse quality of local entrepreneurism”, said Khaula Al Harthy, Executive Director of INJAZ Oman. “Through our yearly expo we provide a platform that supports the creativity of students and the spirited development of their entrepreneurial endeavors, as well as the marketing of their products and ideas to the public.”

She added, “INJAZ Oman will hold another exhibition this week on Thursday and Friday (23-24 June) at the Oman Avenues Mall. By organizing these exhibitions as a part of our Student Company Programme, we enable students of higher education by instilling a strong foundation for establishing a live company operation in the future. Becoming familiar with the core principles of establishing a business, managing it, and finding solutions to the challenges faced on the road to success are daily occurrences for participants of the Student Company Programme.”

The initiaitive seeks to direct, inspire and nurture youth who are contemplating or progressing through the startup of a company, launching products or establishing a brand. In addition to having won awards for its approach to educating youth, INJAZ Oman has inspired the accoldaes of Best Student CEO, Best Student Company, and Most Innovative Product in the MENA Region.